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At Deluxecibus we are all about offering you the best ham in the world: The Iberian Ham from Extremadura. You may think: “The best ham in the world?”, and have your doubts. But according to many it really is. And we at Deluxecibus totally agree. The Iberian Ham has been awarded in hundreds of national and international competitions, praised in the most prestigious journals of gourmet, hailed by the best chefs in the world and celebrated by the most demanding critics. This jewel among Spanish delicacies is comparable only to the world’s other gastronomic treasures, such as foie grass, black or white truffle and caviar.

About Us.Spanish Ham Online.100% Pata Negra!

Pleased to meet you

My name is Jerome Bylart. Pleased to meet you. I am from Holland and after living over one decade here in Spain, and after travelling a lot between Malaga and Extremadura, I finally decided to offer the best ham in the world via Deluxecibus. Knowing it is hard to come by, and seeing everybody who tasted it (just one time) craving for more, more and more, well… here it is.

Iberian Ham

The Iberian Pork

When I saw the Iberian Pig for the first time it made me think of a little hippoppotamus. Its distinguishing features are a small head, a prominent snout, a short and muscly neck, long full hams and a hide varying from vermilion to black. And of course its black hoof/nail, la Pata Negra, which sets it apart from all the other pigs in the world. All our products here at Deluxecibus are only from this breed. 100% Pure Iberian pork. Pata Negra. All raised in freedom on the “Dehesa de Extremadura” (the oak forests of Extremadura). No mixed races, no cross-breeding, only 100% Pure from our unique breed of black Iberian Pigs. Which means that both the father and mother of our pigs are of pure Iberian breed and are duly registered on the pedigree books by our official breeders.

Iberian Ham

Where do our products come from

Extremadura, with close to a million hectares of meadow, is an ecological paradise. An ecosystem of prairie-like grazing land dotted with Encina trees, known as Holm Oaks in English, which once covered almost 90% of the country. There are regulations that specify that there should be no more than two pigs per hectare of land to ensure that each pig can eat the required amount of between 8 and 10kg of Acorns a day. The region of Extremadura is also known as the home of the conquistadors, Cortes and Pizarro.

Iberian Ham


Bellota, known as Acorn in English. If you really want the best of the best Ham than the Iberian Ham de Bellota is it. Pure Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham, el Jamón Ibérico de Bellota. The quality of this cured meat depends on the ecosystem and in particular on the breed’s natural feeding habits, known as the “Montanera” diet. This is based on Acorns (Bellotas) from the Holm Oaks and the herbs of the countryside of Extremadura. Because of its high carbohydrate content, the Acorn gives the animal an energy intake that benefits its meat, while the herbs give the Iberian Ham their unusual perfume. Our Iberian Ham de Bellota is cured for 3 years. Our Iberian Ham de Bellota Reserva is cured for 4 years! The Iberian Ham is also more healthy than you might think:

·Iberian ham reduces cholesterol.Iberian Ham
·Lowers blood pressure.
·Minimizes the risk of thrombus (blood clot).
·It provides protein, vitamins B1, B6, B12 and vitamin E.
·Causes no change in body weight .
·Of all the animal fat the Iberian pork’s fat is the healthiest.

The Taste

The taste is very special and it literally just melts in your mouth. The marbled fat all over the ham gives it that sweet and nutty aroma that is typical of Acorn fed hams. The Iberian pigs that produce this exceptionally tasty kind of ham are popularly called “Pata Negra” because of their black hooves/nails. Iberian ham is considered a luxurious meal because of its rarity and taste. As previously mentioned: this jewel among Spanish delicacies is comparable only to the world’s other gastronomic treasures, such as foie grass, black or white truffle and caviar.

Iberian Ham

Translated: Iberian Ham. For many the best food in the world.

Any Questions

If you have any kind of question do not hesitate to call me at: 0034 626 598 136 or contact me via Email at:jeromebylart@gmail.com

Iberian Ham