Ham and Health

Feeding on acorns (bellotas)

Ham and Health

Iberian Ham: ” It’s healthier than you think ” !!

A plate of Iberian Ham (Jamon Iberico), while giving immense pleasure

to dining, is very nutritious and has extraordinary qualities for the

preservation of your health.

Due to the long curation time it is converted into a lighter product

which modifies its proteins and fats. Resulting very digestive and healthy

with vitamins (folic acid and cobalamin) and minerals (iron,zinc and selenium).

Of all the animal fat the Iberian pork’s fat is the healthiest.

When consumed with just bread and tomatoes it makes for the perfect

Mediterranean diet.

Ham and Health

Ham and Health

Benefits of the Iberian Ham compaired with the Serrano Ham:

The purity of the Iberian breed.

Originally from the peninsula.

Fed with the basic Mediterranean diet.

Longer period of curing time.

Advanced enzymatic degradation of the proteins.

Balanced reaction of the oxidation of the fat.

Feeding the pigs on acorns (bellotas) or natural feed with a high percentage of acid oleic.

Ham and Health

Clinical Cardiovascular Benefits:

There are scientific studies that show that

Iberian Ham improves the lipid profile, reduces the cholesterol

plasma and reduces the LDL, favouring the HDL.

LDL (Low-density  lipoprotein)  is the bad  cholesterol.

HDL (High-density lipoprotein) is the good cholesterol.

It has also been shown to lower the

cholesterol-total and to lower the atherogenic risk because

of its high concentration of oleic acid (> 50%).

Pure Iberian Pigs

Clinical Nutritional Benefits:

More easily digestible proteins to be more degraded.

Satiating power.

Slow glycemic effect.

Very good flavor.

Awarded in hundreds of national and international competitions.

Praise in the most prestigious journals of gourmet.

Hailed by the best chefs in the world.

Celebrated by the most demanding critics.

Moderate consumption of Iberian ham with it’s oleic acid, along with a

balanced diet and exercise, helps lower cholesterol.

Ham and Health

The exceptional  health qualities of the Iberian Ham have deserved recognition of the Spanish Heart Foundation:

Dr. Ortiz of the Internal Medicine Service of the University Hospital Complex of

Badajoz, and a member of the Iberian Study and Health Group, is one of the

Spanish doctors who has most studied the health benefits of consumption of

the Iberian Ham.

He shows that the Iberian pork meat is, from a nutritional point of view, very

different than other meats. The fundamental difference is it’s fat composition: rich in

Monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, and relatively more low in

Saturated fatty acids.

Dr. Ortiz:

“The intake of products from the Iberian pig, within a balanced diet, reduces the

vascular risk, improves the levels of fatty acids in the blood and reduces the

tendency to develop blood clots. In addition, it has been shown not to have any effect

on the body weight or if it effects differentials of the arterial tension”.

Iberian ham reduces cholesterol.

Lowers blood pressure.

Minimizes the risk of thrombus.

It provides protein, vitamins B1, B6, B12 and vitamin E.

Causes no change in body weight .

Of all the animal fat the Iberian pork’s fat is the healthiest.

Iberian ham, good for the palate and health.
Ham and Health.
Ham and Health